An expert ticketing system.

Helpdesk system with email piping, department wise tickets.

What is an expert ticketing system?

It is possible to monitor the performance of various applications using a monitoring zone app. This app allows users to set up customized monitoring zones for different applications and track their performance in real-time. By monitoring the app's behavior, users can identify potential issues and take action before they escalate into major problems. The app can also provide alerts and notifications when a particular application is not performing as expected. Overall, using a monitoring zone app can help businesses improve the reliability and stability of their applications and provide a better experience for their users.

Key Features

Key features of expert ticketing system are listed below

Department wise tickets

Each ticket will be assigned to a department, and staffs belongs to that department could attend the ticket. Admin user will be able to add departments and assign staffs to each department. Also a staff can be part of one or more departments.
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Email Piping

By default, Email piping is not enabled in this system. Admin can enable IMAP import feature. From the department edit page, you can add IMAP and SMTP details, then any email sent to the department email id will be imported automcatically.
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Email only mode

Sometimes, you might not like to tell customer to create an account in the ticketing system. Instead they can just send you an email, and then will get ticket replies as email. It's possible with Ticketing.Expert, you will get all email as ticket and staff can reply from the system, without an account for customer in the system.
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Pricing Plan

An overview of all our plans


Port, API and Web page monitoring


Status pages and Incidents can be

6 Month Support
Unlimitted Tickets
Unlimitted Users and Staff


Monitor your server resources easily.


Monitor CPU, RAM, Disk, Processes etc

One year support
Unlimited ready theme
Unlimited Free addons


Automated reports for your added.


20+ plus SEO tools and audit reports

One year support
Unlimited ready theme
Unlimited Free addons


Some screenshots of Monitoring Zone

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