Ticketing Expert

An expert ticketing system.

Helpdesk system with email piping, department wise tickets.

Department wise tickets

Each ticket will be assigned to a department, and staffs belongs to that department could attend the ticket. Admin user will be able to add departments and assign staffs to each department. Also a staff can be part of one or more departments.

Email only mode

Sometimes, you might not like to tell customer to create an account in the ticketing system. Instead they can just send you an email, and then will get ticket replies as email. It's possible with Ticketing.Expert, you will get all email as ticket and staff can reply from the system, without an account for customer in the system.

Email Piping

By default, Email piping is not enabled in this system. Admin can enable IMAP import feature. From the department edit page, you can add IMAP and SMTP details, then any email sent to the department email id will be imported automcatically.

Other Features

When a new ticket is opened, customer will get an email with ticket number. When staff replied for the ticket, customer will get email notification. Along with ticket and ticket replies, attachments can be added. Admin can set allowed file extensions.