Interview of GoodFirms with Sascha Pfeiffer

Interview of GoodFirms with Sascha Pfeiffer

“Our goal is to position Psono as the most trusted, developer-friendly, and ingenious solution for the secure exchange of confidential data, with more robust tools incorporated to simplify the processes for users within 10 years,” quotes Sascha Pfeiffer

Sascha Pfeiffer, the CEO of esaqa GmbH, shares in his interview with GoodFirms how they developed this intuitive password management software, promising security to businesses of all sizes with its innovative design, broad features, and superior functionality.

Based in Germany, Psono is a feature-rich, opensource password management software designed to provide businesses with a secure digital experience. It is a comprehensive self-hosted password manager that offers multi-level encryption, including a client-side encryption layer, end-to-end encryption for password sharing, secure sockets layer (SSL), and storage encryption.

Psono password manager software also provides useful features like server pinning, multilayer transport encryption, autofill for login forms, encryption at rest, basic auth, password syncing, password sharing, multi-factor authentication, multi-account support, password generator, security report, security notes, bookmarks, password capture, multi-browser support, mobile support, password import/export, groups management, access control, PGP encryption, offline password access, callbacks/alerts, file sharing, site-affine file storage, link shares, password breach detection, multi-language support, and more.

The company allows a free and opensource version of the software and a free business version for small teams. It also offers a paid plan with additional features like audit logging, compliance enforcement, and more to fulfill the security needs of large companies. Furthermore, it provides a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) version/plan of Psono software with subscription-based pricing.

GoodFirms interviewed and discussed the detailed offerings of the Psono password management system directly with Sascha Pfeiffer, the CEO of Psono (esaqa GmbH), to learn more about their product.

“We will for sure see a stronger incorporation into tools to simplify the process for administrators of technical systems and extend our toolset to become even more developer friendly with new CLIs and SDKs.”

Versatile Password Management Software

Initiating the interview, Sascha describes Psono as a password manager for organizations that can be self-hosted on-premise. He adds that it allows employees to share all sorts of secrets like passwords for websites, GPG keys, and files with cryptographic security while providing security personnel the necessary tools to audit their users’ compliance.

Sascha highlights that the range of customers currently using Psono is vast and varies from large Fortune 500 corporations to small companies with just a handful of people. Their typical customers are finance (banks, insurance companies, etc.), pharmaceutical, chemical, energy providers, and many more sectors; in short, everyone with a strong need for security.

On being questioned what motivated the company to develop Psono, Sascha explains that they wanted to secure how people share passwords in a company. The rapidly growing numbers of tools and passwords that people are using and the lack of self-hosted solutions offering client-side encryption were the main reasons leading to the creation of the Psono password manager.

Unique Features and Offerings

Further in his interview, Sascha talks about the unique offerings and value additions of the Psono system. He states that numerous traits make this software stand apart from other products in the market, including the possibility to host it on-premise, the client-side encryption of all passwords, and the fact that all clients are open source.

These features also reassure customers that no hidden backdoors are incorporated into the product. Furthermore, these significant value additions, more prominently on-premise hosting, make Psono the perfect password manager for larger companies.

Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Sascha claims that their customer satisfaction rate is high and that the company has lost only two customers over the past year. He elaborates that the backbone of Psono’s success in this area is its exceptional customer support and public documentation. Sascha gladly adds that the company is confident that it will maintain a 95% customer renewal ratio for its yearly licenses.

Dedicated Customer Support

Psono typically offers support via tickets, Sascha reiterates. The company runs a well-monitored Discord channel to engage and help customers. The company also maintains an online knowledge base with help documents that customers can utilize to search for any information they need.

Moreover, the company publicly discusses new features’ requirements with their customers in “issue trackers” on GitLab, enabling users to propose new features and discuss and improve existing features.

Psono – The Best Password Management Software

Psono has emerged as a popular choice and a market leader for businesses looking for security and password management software. With the advantages of opensource, broad features, free version for small and medium companies, diligent customer support, and reasonable pricing, GoodFirms’ researchers have identified Psono as one of the best password management software.

To know more about Psono and its offerings, one can also go through the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.

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